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YKOFX | About Us


About Us

Who We Are

At YKOFX we are offering the chance to keep pace with the markets. We are recreating the world of investments by adding value to our marketplace and by prioritizing our customers as well as our employees.


What We Do

Here at YKOFX, we are adepts in presenting and implementing innovative trading solutions for market participants around the world. We support diversification by offering a range of products and services within different asset classes and locations, including commodities, options, futures, exchange-traded products (ETPs), foreign exchange (FX), equity index, shares, and cryptocurrencies.


How We Do It

At YKOFX, we create conditions to benefit from the markets through three major engagements:

  • Offering innovative solutions to customers around the world while empowering diversification
  • Using advanced technology to introduce customers to global markets
  • Offering access to accurate information by revealing market insights, research, analysis, statistics, forecasting and much more

We commit to ensure trading efficiency through five key principles:

  • Effective Transparency: the obligation to accurately share market knowledge and expertise
  • Productive Cooperation: the commitment to work with customers and partners in order to ensure business development
  • Healthy Competitiveness: the aim of gaining the best results
  • High Quality Service: the motivation to accomplish clients’ requirements by following high standards
  • Efficient Citizenship: the perseverance to develop the industry, workplace and community


Information Services

Being well informed means being protected. Many companies are focused on optimizing their access to market information in order to be a step ahead of the competitors in the long run. It is of a great importance to be up-to-date and have access to reliable sources as this ensures high quality management of decision making and it enforces the business activity.

Based on our experience, we have determined that both statistical and analytical data are highly demanded by traders and investors. Precise information contributes to better understand market trends, to accurately estimate potential changes and establish corresponding strategies in order to ensure business development. Timely exchange of information eliminates the factors of uncertainty and ensures confidence to achieve the established goals. Clients who are constantly using exchange information can easily identify the benefits of receiving latest data as this facilitates the decision-making process.

It is to be appreciated that exchange analytics is also applied in academic spheres. Many universities are promoting professions related to exchange and electronic trading, therefore students are using data from exchanges as a point of reference while working on their term papers and final educational-research projects.


Safety of money and trading

It is primordial for YKOFX to execute all transactions in a safe manner.

Safety is represented through the fact that clients of the exchange can monitor their transactions on their accounts. Every trader or the trader’s clients can place orders and manage the orders through a safe system.

The exchange is operating based on a key principle which relates to the payment-delivery interconnection. That means, the financial resources are not released to the seller before the full amount of money is paid to the settled account, or in other terms, the underlying contract cannot be released to the buyer before the later completes the payment. The payment – delivery principle can be changed in the case of an over the counter (OTC) contract as per the agreement between the parties.

The trading system of the exchange and the involved processes are set up to be automated so that minimum of human activity is needed.


Contract transparency and prices

A key rule is implemented in all the trading processes of the exchange: The highest price is established by the buyer. The seller is offering the lowest price. According to this key rule, the market price is the price of the exchange. It is not possible to buy at a lower price than the price of the best offer established in accordance with the volume.



Simple and timely access to the trading system helps clients follow the markets and engage in healthy competition. Day trading is also a result of high accessibility to the trading system.

The trading system can be equally accessed by:

1) Members of the exchange

2) Clients of the exchange members

3) Producers or consumers

Exchange members can offer the possibility to their clients to fully access the trading platform. Becoming a member of the exchange is dictated by certain levels of compliance. FCM or FMM members can trade through an advisory company. They are able to enter the trading system by filling in the form and signing an agreement with a direct exchange member.

In order to become a direct exchange member, it is required to present additional documents like a scanned identification card of the representative, articles of incorporations and audited financial statements.


Comprehensiveness of trading processes

  • All actions of all users in the trading systems are explicitly defined, monitored, reviewed and published.
  • Contract execution is managed through a software which ensures that every contract party is engaged according to the established rules. Certain operations like transactions or monitoring the terms and conditions of the financial operations are fully automated.
  • Trading operations are strictly monitored and controlled in order to ensure that the established rules and conditions are followed and that regulatory responsibilities are being fulfilled.


Unique Information

A wide range of market participants are getting involved in the trading system through the exchange, thus creating a unique information database which is further used to create and sustain trading activities. As a result, information analysis and management acts like the basis for business development.

The Strategic Development Department is the major division of the exchange responsible for collecting, handling and analyzing statistical information. Among major responsibilities can be noted:

  • Organizing and implementation of short-term and long-term plans for strategic development
  • Marketing research of the financial markets
  • Informational support for trading participants
  • Publishing statistical data and analytics
  • Coordination of trading relations and international cooperation development
  • Positioning the exchange as an important economic instrument on the international arena